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Figure 7-3 Amazoncom s association of a user and his shopping cart At Amazoncom, each and every user gets a single shopping cart Therefore, to have your mother pay for the contents, you must manually create a list that you email to your mother Or you could ask your mother for her credit card details The first option is easy to do, but it is time consuming and lame, as it requires you to write out the contents of your shopping cart and then have her add the items to her shopping cart It s as if you go into a store, fill the cart, and then create a list of items in the cart and hand that list to your mother Your mother then has to race around the grocery store and fill up her cart with the same items so that she can pay.

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same manner that you configure policies for Windows users. Correlate those that you use with your organization s security policy.

Table 8-4. Native Application Menu Items (continued)

Likewise has two products to assist with the integration of Mac OS X within Active Directory The first is Likewise Open, which is open source software and acts as a replacement for the Active Directory plug-in Likewise Open provides support for multiple forest environments, credential caching and integrates SSH on Mac OS X with Active Directory The second is Likewise Enterprise, which is a server-side solution rather than a client-side solution Neither product requires changes to the Active Directory schema To integrate Likewise Open on a Mac, first download and open the package installer At the Introduction screen, click on the Continue button At the Read Me screen, read the information provided and then click on Continue Next, at the License screen, read the license information and provided you accept the licensing agreement, click on the Continue button When prompted to Agree, click on the Agree button.

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At the Installation Type screen, click on the Install button in order to install the files into the default location The installer will complete installing the plug-in, and provided the installer is successful you will be greeted with the Install Succeeded screen Here, click Close and you will be ready to bind to Active Directory using the Likewise plug-in To bind to Active Directory using the plug-in, open Directory Utility from /Applications/Utilities Next, if you click on the Services icon in the Directory Utility toolbar, you will notice the new Likewise--Active Directory entry Click here and then click on the pencil icon to begin the GUI aspect of the Active Directory binding process You will now see the Join Active Directory wizard Here, the Computer name: field will automatically be populated with the hostname of your computer.

The second option does not require any such extra effort, but it does require your mother trusting you with her credit card details I m sure your mother would trust you, but she would probably be uneasy, as would anybody As you can see, there is no viable option involving server-side, session-based URLs The only viable option is to stop using server-side, session-based URLs and start using unique URLs with the client managing the references to the URL Using client-managed unique URLs opens new possibilities For example, let s say that you create a TV, radio, and sound system and add those items to a shopping cart Then as an added value service, you promote your shopping cart, and whenever anybody wants to purchase your super sound system, they only pay for the shopping cart and don t have to go around the site finding the individual items.

Email open in edit mode Email open in view mode File explorer running File explorer open in browse mode Open item in file explorer Group address entry in Contacts app open for edit Group address entry in Contacts app open for viewing Maps app Individual memo open for editing List of memos Individual memo open for viewing List of messages

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